Car Insurance in NZ

Car Insurance in NZ

Car insurance in NZ is not compulsory, or mandatory like it is in certain other countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom or the United States. Even without insurance being mandatory, a recent report by the Ministry of Transport determined that more than 92% of vehicle owners have some type of car insurance, which is at roughly the same rate as countries that mandate drivers to purchase property insurance when registering a vehicle. There have been considerations about implementing a policy making compulsory insurance a law, but data shows that it wouldn’t have a large impact on driver safety.New Zealand has its own form of a compulsory type policy managed by the Accident Compensation Corporation or ACC. It is funded by petrol taxes and as a levy when registering a motor vehicle. The policy ensures that any individual who suffers injuries during an accident is guaranteed coverage. The government policy only covers the people involved in the accident. It is an individual’s responsibility to purchase third party car insurance in NZ. Car insurance NZ Youi is necessary to cover costs of damage to personal property or someone else’s property damaged during the accident.

The majority of New Zealanders hold some type of third party property insurance. Policy rates for car insurance in NZ depends on a number of factors including age, length of driving history and how many prior claims or accidents you’ve been involved in. These can be purchased through third party car insurance in NZ property insurance or by purchasing a full or comprehensive insurance policy. Full comprehensive insurance is worth the price because it pays for damages to your vehicle, even if you’re determined to be at fault. It costs more money to purchase a full policy but is worth the money if want to protect yourself from the property costs of an accident that you’re responsible for causing.

Third party car insurance in NZ pays for property damage costs to other peoples’ property. People tend to purchase insurance by choice to protect themselves from a potential financial disaster. If someone damages your vehicle who doesn’t have a policy for personal property, a full insurance policy will pay for the costs of the repair, but potentially increase your rate. You could also lose any bonuses you have on your rate for no claims and be responsible for paying the amount in excess of coverage to your insurance company for repairs.

A way of countering this issue is to purchase car insurance in NZ that also includes an Uninsured Motorist Extension as part of the policy. Coverage amounts range from $2,000 to $4,000 depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident. You’ll have to be able to identify who is at-fault for the accident before you can utilise this benefit.

Purchasing car insurance in NZ isn’t mandatory but is most definitely recommended. It protects your own property and ensures you have coverage if you damage someone else’s property and don’t have the money to pay for expensive repair costs to one or both vehicles.

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